My Projects


5+ years experience working closely with clients and other designers. Bringing a brand to life from napkin logo doodles to fully developed websites.

Web Development

Using extensive knowledge and certifications in HTML and CSS to build responsive websites and emails. Utilizing current UX/UI practices and a mobile-first mentality.

Video Editing

Combining my working knowledge in Premier Pro and After Effects, I'm able to build solid, exciting, and bold videos. Whether it be simple conferences or short and snappy ads.

Print & Social

Building multipage infographic white pages in InDesign to bold social media graphics. I've got the experience for any challenge.

Efficiency and attention to detail while always thinking outside the box.

I take pride in the level of attention to detail and presentation I consider when working on any project. Working well other designers and individually and providing solid results any client would be happy with.

My Projects


Oliver Street
Somerville MA